Estate Planning

Estate Planning Law

Estate planning allows for the orderly transfer of property to your heirs, charities, and other beneficiaries after your death and for the proper management of your property and health care in the event that you become incapacitated while you are alive. A simple estate plan should include a will, a living trust, a durable power of attorney for property management and an advance health care directive.

If you live in Tennessee  and own real property (such as a house) or have other property valued at over $100,000 (such as investments), it is important that you work with an attorney who is knowledgeable about Tenneesee probate law and will advise you on which estate planning documents will work best for you.

McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC is a firm that specializes in estate planning, probate, tax controversies, and business transactions. We provide comprehensive estate planning, tax planning, business succession planning, charitable planning and wealth transfer services to you and your families.

A List of Some Of The Estate Planning Services My Firm Offers

Living Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Personal Residence Trusts,
Charitable Remainder Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and Dynasty Trusts
Advance Health Care Directives
Durable Powers of Attorney for Property Management
Administration of Estates and Trusts

The federal laws and regulations related to estate planning are numerous and often complex, and McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC experience and specialized skills allow him to navigate the estate planning process smoothly, while helping you avoid errors with significant and costly implications.

Benefits of Setting Up An Estate Plan

You will avoid the cost, delays, and trouble of probate.
You will maximize your tax shelter from federal estate tax and
possibly leave your entire estate tax-free to your beneficiaries.
You will provide for the distribution, over time, of your property
to beneficiaries who are currently too young to receive a
lump sum or are unable to manage their entire inheritance.
In the event that you become incapacitated, or for individuals
who are incompetent, the use of durable powers of attorney
for property management and the advance health care directive
stating one's medical wishes allow for the orderly continuation
of your personal affairs and health care according to your specific instructions.

Complex Estate Plans

For those with larger estates or whose personal situations are more involved, complex estate planning techniques are applied to accomplish your goals. Such goals may include: providing for children from a prior marriage after your death; increasing the amount of property that can be protected by the tax shelter from estate taxes; asset protection planning, using capital gains tax avoidance techniques when selling your property; and providing for family members with special needs.

Our firm also specializes in probate matters as well, which means that if you are a beneficiary who wishes to contest a will or report a lost will, we will represent you and help you resolve this issue before a Tennessee probate court.

Mr. McKoon is a seasoned litigator having represented clients at both the state and federal level in disputes such as unfair competition, raiding claims, gender, race and national origin harassment and discrimination claims, suits to enforce non-competition, non-solicitation, and "shop rights" provisions, protection of trade secrets, breaches of contract, audit malpractice, conversion, probate and estate disputes, and various torts including catastrophic injury claims.
Fielding H. Atchley, Jr.  has been engaged in the general practice of law in the greater Chattanooga area for over 40 years.  He is a third generation lawyer, following both his  father, Fielding Atchley, and his grandfather, J.F. Atchley, in the general practice in Chattanooga.  He has been practicing with his son, Trevor F. Atchley, since 2008 and had the privilege of practicing with J.W. (Bill) Dietzen and his brother Richard for 31 years.
Trevor is a fourth generation lawyer.  He began practicing law in 2008, when he joined his father and Bill Dietzen, his father’s long time law partner, at the firm Dietzen & Atchley, where he spent his formative years as a young attorney and benefitted greatly from the mentorship his father and Mr. Dietzen provided.  Unfortunately, Mr. Dietzen passed away in March 2015.  Trevor joined McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC, in December 2015.