No matter where you are in the process, four common sense rules apply to all family law cases.

  1. This is your ONE day in court.
  2. Getting a divorce is one of the most emotionally charged events in anyone’s life.
  3. The emotional impact of the break-up of a marriage may prevent good decision making.  Discussion of your legal situation is a way where you can control a frequently uncontrollable situation. An experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and options.
  4. Selection of a divorce and family law attorney can affect the outcome of the legal situation. Whether your case is in Tennessee or Georgia, the complexity of the legal issues in divorce and family law demand competent and aggressive representation. We can help.

With over 60 years of combined firm experience in divorce and family law, we provide reliable counsel when you need it most. Do you have questions about divorce, child custody, the division of assets, or other family law matters and don’t know where

Divorces are fact specific. Gather all of your financial data. Documentary evidence is necessary for your lawyer to help you in proper case evaluation, and ultimately, your divorce. Prepare for your divorce and family law matter if possible.

Don’t write or say anything that you don’t want to be read or heard in court. Social network postings, pictures, and even casual asides will be used against you in a contested divorce or a custody fight. Your own words could be the strongest evidence against you. If you don’t want something to be used against you, exercise discretion and don’t say it, post it or photograph it.

Decisions must be made with your head and not your heart. Like most lawsuits, decisions in divorces and family law cases should be based upon reason and not emotion. It is difficult to separate the emotional nature of the legal matter from the factors which make up sound reasoning. However, ultimately the emotion of the case will fade but the decisions made during the case will continue to have an impact on your life.

Hire a lawyer who handles divorces and family law matters on a regular basis. Divorce and family law matters are complicated. These cases require unique legal knowledge and familiarity with procedures that only attorneys who practice in this area of the law commonly use. You need an attorney well versed in this particular area of law.

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"I relate to my clients on a personal level and do not treat them as numbers. I have regular meetings in my office, in which we talk about every client's case and ensure we keep the clients up-to-date through every step of the litigation process. Our motto is always quality over quantity." - Clayton Whitaker



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Clayton Whittaker is a highly successful family lawyer located in Chattanooga. He specializes in family law and is assertive in court with an insatiable passion to help his clients win their cases.

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