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The firm’s origins trace back to 1973 and it has continued to grow in its range of services and the diversity of its attorneys. A number of the firm’s attorneys previously practiced in larger law firms. As a result, McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC has a sophisticated corporate practice common to the larger law firms while maintaining the relationships and responsiveness of a small firm. Our clients include businesses, individuals, institutions, and local governments. Service and responsiveness are the key to McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC’s continuing growth and success,

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Are You The Victim Of Work Discrimination? Here’s How To Prove It

Any kind of discrimination is painful and unfair. If you have faced with such type of behavior at work, you will likely discover it needed to seek an attorney to represent your interests. During the first couple of meetings with your new attorney it is important to find out all the details, so you will certainly be asked many questions. In addition to speaking to your attorney about your claim, you will certainly likewise need to show your records connecting to your case. Regardless of the underlying act, recognizing how you can prove the fact of discrimination at work is essential.

Physical proof

It is absolutely vital that you give your attorney any physical evidence of the discrimination or harassment. No matter how distressing you could feel about it, it is essential that you keep it. It might be one of the best ways to verify your case. As an example, if an inappropriate or repulsive image was left on your workdesk at the workplace, give it to your lawyer. Make screenshots or print any kind of created files or information that is offensive.

 Medical records

If discriminating behavior has influenced your health significantly and lead to such issues as hypertension or stress, your attorney must to know that information. These details could impact your entitlement to a recovery of damages. Provide medical and mental health records that prove discrimination or harassment at work forced you to seek health treatment or counseling. If you do not have these records, collect names, telephone numbers, and also addresses of your counselors or medical professionals.


Personnel file

If you claim that you have actually been bugged or victimized at work, your attorney must analyze your personnel file. As an example, it concerns disciplinary warnings or poor performance evaluations if you have actually received any.  If you do not have a copy of your personnel documents, your attorney may have the ability to get it from your employer on your behalf.

Witness details

If there were witnesses to any one of the alleged occurrences of discrimination or harassment, your attorney will certainly find it beneficial to have a list of their names and also call info. This will conserve you time and money and free your personal attorney from leg-work in trying to track down witnesses that could support your allegations.

Your company policies or employee handbook

Once again, if you have actually experienced discrimination or harassment while at the office you may be able to offer your attorney with  ammunition to fight your claim. A variety of companies have employee handbooks that they distribute to their workers. Often, these manuals include an anti-discrimination or anti-harassment plan. Various other employers could post anti-discrimination and also anti-harassment plans in common locations of the workplace, such as the locker area or lunchroom. If that is the case with your company, bring a copy of any type of posted plan to your attorney's workplace. If your company has a written plan, it ought to have been complied with. If your company really did not, your situation may be reinforced.

Pay records

If you have experienced lost time from job as an outcome of harassment or discrimination (whether or not that incorrect actions is taking place in your workplace) you should supply your attorney with copies of your pay records. If the claim is proved successfully, the attorney may recover your lost wages as damages. To confirm your loss of earnings, you will have to reveal evidence of the difference between your earnings before the discrimination or harassment began, and your earnings later.



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Since you have actually found out ways to confirm discrimination in the work environment, you should have a deeper understanding of whether your claim is solid. The Chattanooga employment law attorneys of McKoon, Williams, Atchley & Stanley, PLLC, are able to show you some other suggestions for proving your claim as well. Get started today with a call to the team of real legal professionals!


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